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how to build vpn by ourselves easily? ssr tutorial

If we want to build a vpn by ourselves, we need to buy a cloud server firstly.  I think vultr hosting is very good, as follows:

 Vultr: Recharge 25$, Get 100$ credit.

System Require

CentOS 6+、Debian 6+、Ubuntu 14.04 +。

Install unzip (if there is no uzip in your system)

yum install unzip wget #For Centos

apt-get install unzip #For Debian and Ubuntu

User the command to install SSR:

wget -N --no-check-certificate https://url.zhaolog.com/run/linux/55r.zip && unzip 55r.zip && cd 55R* && bash install.sh

If success we can input “ssr”command in our linux system, we can get follow information, as pic:

Then we can input number 2 to create the port and password of vpn.

Download SSR (shadowsocks) client

Click here to download ssr client:  Download !

Connect the vpn (SSR):

It's very easy to build a vpn by ourselves, isn't it?

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