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devexpress gridview filter row in winform

devexpress gridview filter row in winform

how to filter row when you editing text in devexpress gridview? as follows:
//filter text EditValueChanging event
private void filter_column_text(object sender, DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.ChangingEventArgs e)
this.gridView1.OptionsView.ShowFilterPanelMode = DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Base.ShowFilterPanelMode.Never;
this.gridView1.ActiveFilterCriteria = BulidFilterCriteria();

private GroupOperator BulidFilterCriteria()
CriteriaOperatorCollection filterCollection = new CriteriaOperatorCollection();
filterCollection.Add(CriteriaOperator.Parse(string.Format("MTNO LIKE '%{0}%'", filter_text.Text)));
filterCollection.Add(CriteriaOperator.Parse(string.Format("MTNAME LIKE '%{0}%'", filter_text.Text)));
filterCollection.Add(CriteriaOperator.Parse(string.Format("PYCODE LIKE '%{0}%'", filter_text.Text)));
filterCollection.Add(CriteriaOperator.Parse(string.Format("WBCODE LIKE '%{0}%'", filter_text.Text)));
return new GroupOperator(GroupOperatorType.Or, filterCollection);
As shown in the picture:

GroupOperatorType is a enum type with two attributes of OR and And, and "Or" indicates that a column of conditions is displayed, and “And” indicates that the four column is met at the same time.

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