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Info.plist - How to Requesting Permission Privacy Settings in iOS 10

How to Requesting Permission Privacy Settings in iOS's Info.plist, It's very important.

You need to ask the use permission before access the user private data like contact number, photos , location , calendar , etc. in iOS 10 Apple is extending the scope of privacy control. You have to declare in Info.plist file access of any private data. 

Which framework have privacy key in Info.plist : 

Calendar , Contact , Reminder , Photo , Bluetooth Sharing , Microphone , Camera , Location , Heath , HomeKit , Media Library , Motion , CallKit , Speech Recognition , SiriKit , TV Provider. 

What's error don't providing Privacy key : if you don't providing the privacy key in  Info.plist, then your app is crash. You can see its log why crashed.

The app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain an NSCalendarsUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app user how the app uses this data.

How can solve the error : Goto Info.Plist file and added the privacy key according to your requirement.

Calendar :
Key      :  Privacy - Calendars Usage Description    
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) calendar events

Reminder :
Key      :   Privacy - Reminders Usage Description    
Value  :   $(PRODUCT_NAME) reminder use

Contact :
Key       :   Privacy - Contacts Usage Description     
Value    :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) contact use

Photo :
Key       :  Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description    
Value   :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) photo use

Bluetooth Sharing :
Key       :  Privacy - Bluetooth Peripheral Usage Description     
Value   :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) Bluetooth Peripheral use

Microphone :
Key        :  Privacy - Microphone Usage Description    
Value    :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) microphone use

Camera :
Key       :  Privacy - Camera Usage Description   
Value   :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) camera use

Location :
Key      :  Privacy - Location Always Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) location use

Key       :  Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description   
Value   :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) location use

Heath :
Key      :  Privacy - Health Share Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) heath share use

Key      :  Privacy - Health Update Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) heath update use

HomeKit :
Key      :  Privacy - HomeKit Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) home kit use

Media Library :
Key      :  Privacy - Media Library Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) media library use

Motion :
Key      :  Privacy - Motion Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) motion use

Speech Recognition :
Key      :  Privacy - Speech Recognition Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) speech use

SiriKit  : 
Key      :  Privacy - Siri Usage Description  
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) siri use

TV Provider : 
Key      :  Privacy - TV Provider Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) tvProvider use


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